Coming to China? Want to work for a univeristy? Don't rush. Really. Don't.

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Just because it needs repeating -- NEVER pay an agency to find a job. Using a recruiter is bad enough, but you should never ever ever have to pay for some company to "place" you in China. It is absolutely a ripoff. Look at the ads on this site, look at other sites, search around. There's no reason why anyone with at least a college degree shouldn't be able to find a job in China, and if you're not properly qualified, paying $1000 is not going to help the situation.

Thank you for your response. Yes indeed, reg flags.
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Just because it needs repeating -- NEVER pay an agency to find a job.

Thanks, TLD. It DOES need repeating...often and loudly. Recruiters are bad news and must be avoided! asasasasas
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I bumped into a few recruiters during my job search and found them to be a large waste of time.  The fact that I don't hate them may be the result of short exposure.  :)  I do like chinatefl, technically not a recruiter.  The Uni I accepted for my first China job found me there.

But back to the OP.  Wow, what a great read.  bfbfbfbfbf  It took me over a year of scouring the net to figure out what you wrote in a single post.  What took you so long??   ahahahahah



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This is a great post (could've sworn I already said as much) - It wasn't til mid-June that I got a response from the more desirable positions/locations, patience is a virtue (a systematic approach to emailing unis is also handy).