Chinese people learn how to lie in childhood essays

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Chinese people learn how to lie in childhood essays
« on: April 06, 2010, 02:18:39 PM »
China Hush has an article featuring the influence of school essays on the art of lying in China.
The examples given will resonate with any foreign teacher who has been in China for some time. I can remember muttering 'bullshit' as I waded through piles of college/uni essays in the odd times I have had to teach Writing classes.

The same problem comes up in Oral English class. When it comes to selecting speech topics I try to avoid giving any chance of a student starting with, 'My hometown is beautiful.' Dong guan is beautiful???!!! That, of course, does not deter some students who are well practiced giving their  model answer to any topic.

Then there are students who use 'moral' stories drawn from magazines and books. I have had students give harrowing accounts of their first day at work for a large company - even though they have yet to graduate from middle school.

I have nothing but respect for Martin Luther King but I wish he had not had a dream.

Maybe you can think of other topics or speeches that make you want reach for a gun.      

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Re: Chinese people learn how to lie in childhood essays
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As you know, China is a developing country ...

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