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Author Topic: Hubei University--------> Hubei, Wuhan, China  (Read 1597 times)


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Hubei University--------> Hubei, Wuhan, China
« on: June 30, 2009, 04:32:49 AM »
You have all been absolutely grand about posting such good info. So please allow me to respond on a place I seldom see mentioned.

While I never worked at Hubei U. I spent two weeks visiting and was later invited to teach there.

During my time there, over a week, I meet with the director of foreign faculty everyday. She seems like a delightful lady to work with. We maintained a communication about working there for several months before I decided to go with a different job. However, I would always seriously consider going back to teach there any time.

Came with standard Chinese contract with standard uni wages  ahahahahah