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Author Topic: Free ESl Teacher Training Materials  (Read 1841 times)


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Free ESl Teacher Training Materials
« on: June 09, 2007, 03:02:04 PM »
I have got some free copies of ESl teacher training related texts available, they are:

- Widdowson: "Explorations in Applied Linguistics I + II (1979; 1986 (1984))
-Widdowson: "Language Purpose and Language Use" (1983)
-Widdowson: PhD dissertation on Discourse Analysis, 1973
-Spolsky: "Conditions for Second Language Learning" (1998 (1989))
-Prabhu: "Second Language Pedagogy", 1987

All of them were published by OUP and made available free of charge for public download from their site as PDF files. These texts may be of interest to those who are in the process of pursuing their graduate studies for an MA in Applied Linguistics/TESL or similar area of study. These texts may be also of interest to public colleges or universities in countries like China for use in their libraries.

In addition to those works listed above, I can also make the following texts available as an PDF file and free of charge:

a) textbooks and papers on a variety of subjects in Applied Linguistics, Discourse Analysis, English Language teaching etc. by Dr. Robert de Beaugrande,
b) "Friendly English Grammar" by Dr. R. de Beaugrande - intended to be a pedagogical grammar, fun and easy to read, dealing with all the questions of English Grammar teachers and foreign students of English may have (including the various "Englishes" of Britain, USA, New Zealand, Australia, etc. (This work has over 800 pages in print!).

With the exception of b), all the works listed here are more theoretical in nature and are meant to address those with an academic interest in the matter. "Friendly English Grammar" is intended to be a more practical work for use by teachers and foreign students of English (e.g., for reference in class or as textbook in a course of study on English Grammar taken by English majors at university/college level).

If there is anyone interested to obtain copies, please contact me. I will either provide download links from my homepage server or mail them to you as email attachments.