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Author Topic: Scottish Engalish Teacher needed in SUZHOU, JIANGSU  (Read 3177 times)

Raoul F. Duke

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Scottish Engalish Teacher needed in SUZHOU, JIANGSU
« on: November 06, 2008, 01:32:49 PM »
ARE YE A SCOT, or kin ye speak Engalish tae yer fine Scottish stan'arts? Do ye fancy some Neeps 'n' Tatties iver Sunday? If ye answered "Aye" ta a' thiz quistions, Yer Wee Mickle O' Engalish, a wee bit o' Auld Alba in Suzhou, Jiangsu, China, seeks ta engage sturdy and depen'able Engalish teachers! In the innersts o' thrift an' hygiene, ye must provide yer own kilt, sporran, an' bonnet. Gude pay 350 Scottish Pounds cash money a munth, unique Scottish benefits includin' yer own wee rustic cabin, transport ba' ta Scotland, an' more! Students o' a' livils, from wee bairns ta great vast lanky boomers, 28 honest classrume hours per week. We'd prefair ye culd start immediate. Yer tat needs nae apply, but if yer a lad or lassie o' pairts, nae a bam, nae too moroculous sae much, nae an arse bandit, then visit our wee bothy at http://www.weemickleoengalish.com today!
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