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« on: October 12, 2008, 11:50:45 PM »
We'd jes' love it if ya came and talked to us and joined our community. Here's how ya do it:

1) Use the Register function in our Menu Box to set up an account. You'll need to provide a working e-mail address or we can't sign you up. We also really appreciate it if you enter your birthday, so we can be sure and wish you a happy one. Further info and customization is up to you. And don't worry...your info will be safe here and your privacy will be respected.

Some Notes on Choosing Usernames:

- Consider using a name people can comfortably use to address you. Try calling yourself by that handle aloud...if it's awkward there, it'll be awkward in writing, too.

- We recommend NOT using your real name in or as your username. You want to be able to speak freely here, right? Be aware that Chinese schools and others CAN and DO read the publicly-accessible areas that comprise most of the forum!

2) After you register, you'll get an e-mail from me asking you to tell a bit about you and your connection to China. We take this step to help eliminate the hit-and-run types, those who just want to use (in the Biblical sense) this place to sell stuff, recruiters, and other folks we don't want on here. A reply to this e-mail is required before we can sign you up! It really doesn't take much...we just want the general idea. You don't have to go into personal details.

3) Once you've replied, your account will be activated shortly, and off we go!

Note that joining us gives you NO new privileges beyond the ability to if you don't plan to post, why bother?
After we've seen a few messages from you, you'll be given access to our private messaging system as well as a special non-public area where you can ask advice about a job offer. After more participation, more privileges and more forum areas will be opened to you. There are things happening here that can't be seen by the public or newcomers...

What we really seek are members who will become a long-term part of us, not just tap our knowledge quickly and then run away. We hope you will find that benefits of membership here continue long after you've come to China and settled into a job and an apartment...and that eventually, you too can help others come here and cope.

If you have any questions or comments about registering, please contact Raoul at
Thanks for your interest!
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