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Re: disabilities
« Reply #15 on: September 22, 2008, 03:54:21 AM »
I thought I heard doctors were not allowed to inform parents of a child's gender, to prevent termination based on gender preference.
Yup, and they're not allowed to put poison in the food, or run red lights, or spit on the sidewalk, but folks in this country seem to look the other way a lot.  Pretty hard to explain all the extra males running around China in huge disproportion to the number of females.

Acjade, I hope too.  And it has to come from the families because they are the ones who care.  I'll be 50 this year.  I grew up with a girl who was labeled as retarded when we were born.  Her mother, and other parents, fought long and hard for all kinds of things - such as a school that would teach their children rather than the children being kept at home.  She fought for training centers when her daughter became an adult.  It never ended.  Not so recent history in our countries, if you think about it.
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Re: disabilities
« Reply #16 on: September 22, 2008, 09:24:22 AM »
My twin Nieces were born premature, and very, very sick. However, my younger sister and her husband poured many thousands of dollars and many thousand of hours into their girls and saved their lives. They are happy, healthy, 3 year old girls now that show almost no signs of their traumatic births.

My Nephew was born Autistic to my older sister and I watch over him during the day when she at work (I currently work from home three days a week). It's been a huge challenge for the whole family, but we manage to meet all of his needs and keep him as happy as possible. Since there is no cure for Autism, it is a constant struggle and constant reminder that it is our charge to look after our fellow man (especially our family).

I can't imagine life without these kids, and sometimes wonder what it would have been like had both my sisters listened to some their friends that were whispering the "A" word during their pregnancies.

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Re: disabilities
« Reply #17 on: September 22, 2008, 09:49:50 AM »
This is not a thread about disabilities, it's a thread about abortion.

Bad idea.

Abortion is not a particularly welcome subject on this forum (which, oddly enough, is primarily about CHINA... bibibibibi )and I would deeply appreciate it if we don't go there. The subject is simply too much of a powderkeg; it is apparently impossible to discuss it without a massive fight breaking out and ugly, ugly things being said.

I'm going to lock it.
Geez, twice in one day. What's the world coming to? bibibibibi
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