Photobucket Changes!

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Photobucket Changes!
« on: September 09, 2008, 07:13:18 AM »
It seems Photobucket has thrown us a curve...

Photobucket has served us well as a free repository for's what I use for the Saloon and it's enables many of us to put photos on here and on the 'Net.

However, many of you may notice your photos are suddenly not working... aoaoaoaoao

Here's what's up:

Many Photobucket links begin with "img". For a long time we advised people to omit this from the links, as it was causing serious problems for those of us here within Mainland China.

However, Photobucket seems to have closed this door. Images using our old link system will no longer work...for example, George's dancing chicken has been mercifully replaced by an image stating our photo is linked wrong...

At least links with the "img" included seem to work in China now... bibibibibi

Your photos are still there. To restore them, call up and modify your posts to change the links to your photos. Links that looked like:

http://photobucket dot com

must now appear as

http://img dot photobucket dot com

The Search function can help you make this for messages with '' in the body and yourself as the author.

And sorry for the inconvenience. llllllllll

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