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Author Topic: University teaching job in GANZHOU, JIANGXI  (Read 3278 times)

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University teaching job in GANZHOU, JIANGXI
« on: May 12, 2008, 07:43:59 PM »
Gannan Normal University in Ganzhou, Jiangxi is currently hiring foreign teachers.
Qualifications include: Native English Speakers with a Bachelors Degree or above

16-20 hours per week teaching English Majors
Classes available include: Conversational English, British and American Literature, British and American Culture, English Writing and Selected Reading of English Articles in Western Periodicals.

Pay is Y5,000 per month.

Travel Allowance is Y1,100 each term, which is twice per year per one year academic contract

Local Bus Reimbursement is Y450 each term, which is twice per year per one year academic contract

Round Trip Airfare is provided per one academic year contract

Fully furnished apartment is provided on campus. Apartment is furnished with sitting room furniture, TV, DVD player, bedroom furniture, bed linens, kitchen with gas cooking appliance, microwave oven, cooking utensils, flatware, dishes, dining furniture, computer room furniture, computer and printer with free Broadband Internet, Western bathroom with hot water heater for showering and washing machine.
Contact Mr. Anderson Mei of the Foreign Affairs Office of Gannan Normal University, www.gnnu1958@yahoo.com.cn or one of our American teachers, Gary, sonnychiba72@yahoo.com
Can furnish the e-mail addresses, already with their approval for contact, of two other American and one Australian teachers. Most teachers teach several years at Gannan Normal University but this is not required if the teacher is only interested in one academic year.
Gannan Normal University is one of only two Normal Universities in Jiangxi Province which have approval to award the Masters Degree. Our Foreign Language Department is the largest Department at our university. Welcome to Ganzhou and welcome to Gannan Normal University!
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