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Suzhou International Foreign Language College

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Anyone know anything about this place?

Raoul F. Duke:
No. But given the trend of Suzhou schools with "International Foreign Language" in their name, I'm not at all optimistic... kkkkkkkkkk

There seem to be a lot of schools with rather similar English names - 'Suzhou Foreign Language School', 'Suzhou International Foreign Language School' and now 'Suzhou International Foreign Language College'.  Are they actually different or the same place masquerading under increasingly self-important English monikers? 

I only ask 'cos I know someone working at a 'Suzhou Foreign Language School' and she is not very positive about it. 

Sorry if I have muddied the waters.

Raoul F. Duke:
No, Bro, you cool. agagagagag

I definitely know the first two. aaaaaaaaaa  They are "different places", but also still pretty much the exact same bqbqbqbqbq .
I'm less sure now whether one of those scumholes has morphed itself into a "college". I wouldn't put it past them. asasasasas

MK, sorry your friend ended up at one of the "SIFLIS" schools. Wish we coulda gotten them here first...

Raoul, did you really just up and reply to a two-and-a-half-year-old thread out of the blue, as the time stamp indicates?


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