Guide to Shenzhen/Shekou

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Guide to Shenzhen/Shekou
« on: May 05, 2007, 08:52:33 PM »
LAST UPDATE: October 11, 2007


Cool Interactive Shenzhen map (in Chinese):

Many thanks to Jose (you know who you are) and No Moss for adding info for the updates!

For you Coffee Lovers out there, a special thanks to The Shenzhener for this link to find Starbucks in China:

From the Shenzhen Daily (Monday, November 6th Edition): Foreigners wanting to teach English in Shenzhen are now required to hold a Bachelor's Degree and have a minimum of two years of related experience. This law went into effect as of November 1, 2006.

Also, got this from my consulate:

Effective July 2007.  It will no longer be possible to change tourist (L) and exchange (F) -type visas to other types.

Officially, the 11th most beautiful city in the world (who was voting on this, anyway?).

probably best known for shopping, Shenzhen features many key areas:

1. Lo Wu (Luo Hu) Commercial City by the HK border station, this is a 5 story megaplex with anything real or fake. The place to go for Western sizes in clothing and shoes! "Hey, buy DVD?" The place to have massages and nails done dirt cheap as well.Metro stop: Luohu, exit A. Also see the note below in yellow regarding the bus and train stations.

2. Dong Men Walking Street is the place to go for clothes and small-ticket items. Metro stop: Lao Jie, exit A

2(a). Discounted Sporting Goods (Nike, Adidas, Reebok) in Dongmen directions: When you take exit A at Lao Jie, go through the shopping area (lots of small electronics items) and head for the escalators on the far end. Go up to the next floor (street level), turn the corner and exit the building. Turn left on the street, and go past the small animal shop (they're selling small dogs and cats here). You will see the Nike store. Go to the second floor of this building (stairs on the left of the Nike store, escalator on the right). These are export quality items (not knock-offs), discounted usually at least 60%.

3. at least 8 Wal Mart stores around town, as well as Carrefour, Metro and Sam's Club. Sam's membership is RMB150. In Futian, they are also building a HUGE Sam's/Wal Mart/ Multi-plex Theatre...will update when it's completed!
Listing of all Wal Marts and Sam's Clubs in China:

4. MixC Shopping Mall For now the largest (and easily the most expensive) shopping mall in Shenzhen. Highlights include the following: Olympic size indoor Ice Skating Rink, Golden Harvest Cinema movie theater, Ole - high end supermarket with many imported items, Spaghetti House, Starbucks, Tacobell (not the fastfood variety, but an actual restaurant). Metro stop: Da Ju Yuan, exit C-3

5. Book City 5 story book megaplex with mostly Chinese books, but they do have an extensive supply of English Language teaching books and English/Chinese Dictionaries. Metro stop: Da Ju Yuan, exit C-2

6. Hua Qiang Bei much like Dong Men, this is the place for anything electronic. Starbucks is here too. Also has the Shenzhen Export and Trade Market go up the road a bit and you'll see the Starbucks on the left side...turn left into the alleyway just before it (only way you can go) and walk straight into the building. Metro stop: Hua Qiang Lu, exit A

7. CITIC Plaza and Jusco, the Japanese supercenter if you crave western stuff, it's here. Jusco is underground, with the CITIC Mall up top - with Starbucks, Pizza Hut, and a movie theatre (they will sometimes show English language movies). Behind the CITIC Plaza & Jusco there are numerous massage parlors. There are also several bars/restaurants in front of the CITIC Plaza for exploring Shenzhen night life. Metro stop: Ke Xue Guan, exit D
**nearby is a great vegetarian Chinese restaurant, Jin Hai Ge Su Shi Guan, as well as 92 Degrees Coffee Shop. From the Ke Xue Guan exit, turn right on Shang Bu Lu and then right again at Lan Yuan Lu (one block South of Shennan Lu).**

8. KingGlory Plaza - it's a mall, along the lines of MixC...high priced. Does have a movie theater as well as IN bar/nightclub (that's the name of it). Metro stop: Guo Mao, exit A

9. Garden City Mall in Shekou another mega-mall with movie theater. Anchor stores are Walmart, B & Q, and Decathlon, a 4000 sq. meter sports superstore (actually, it's big, but it lacks quite a bit of the inventory that most North Americans are used to). Bus Lines 113, 328, 204, others, bus stop: She Kou Wo Er Ma

10. SungGang Stationery & Toys Buildings There are two buildings - one green and red. They both sell stationery and toys and anything in between. Great place to find seasonal decorations for your home or classroom. You can bargain here much like Luohu and Dongmen. Bus Number 18 from MixC, Bus 80 from Shekou WalMart, bus stop: Sun Gang Cang Ku (across from Regency Hotel); Bus 320 from Window of the World (4 RMB exact change), bus stop: Di Hao Jiu Dian

11. around the corner from SungGang is Asia Medical Supply I list this place because they have anything and everything you need for what ails you. Medicines, as well as supplies. They even carry Acetm type bandages and surgical equipment. You can buy in bulk or by the piece. North from SungGang, left onto Meiyun Road - 820 Meiyun Road

12. further up the road from Asia Medical Supply is Light Industrial Products City This is a two building megaplex with anything for the home: Dishware, Lamps, Pottery, Furniture, Artwork, Linens, Knick-knacks and more. This place is worth the visit. Yizhan Center, Meiyun Road (one block East of Asia Medical Supply)

13. Coco Park Mall Brand new mall with Papa John's, Banana Leaf, Starbucks (of course), Illy's. Has Nike and Adidas stores. Jusco is partially open now. Metro Stop: Gou Wu Gong Yuan, exit C

14. Everyone's been asking about the New Shenzhen Book City on Hong Li Road across from Lian Hua Mountain. Said to be the largest bookstore in the world, this huge place houses bookstores devoted to design, children, import books, technology, leisure, and management. The English Language bookstore does not compare with those in Hong Kong, but is better than other places in Shenzhen. There's a huge CD/DVD store, a convenience store, restaurants (including Pizza Hut), and of course, the ever present Starbucks. Metro Stop: Shao Nian Gong, exit C or D This is on the Number 4 Metro Line. Bus numbers 105, 232, 371, many more. The Shenzhen Public Library is located next to the bookstore. This place is worth visiting just for the large number of current English language magazines they carry.  Expats CAN check out books.  You'll have to have your passport, a local address, and pay 100 RMB for a library card.

Shenzhen/Hong Kong border crossings:
Luohu: opens at 6:30 am, closes at 12 midnight, 7 days a week.  Here you can walk, take a bus, take a private car, or switch from the Shenzhen Metro to the Hong Kong KCR (you'll have to walk through the customs area)
Huanggang: open 24 hours, 7 days  week.  The best thing about this checkpoint is that if you use a private car, you can get through the customs area without having to get out of the vehicle.  This saves much time.  You can get across this crossing without a vehicle, but be prepared to pay 7 HKD to take the bus ride across the "gap," as you are not allowed to walk across (it's actually further than it looks).
Shenzhen Bay (Nanshan):One of the new crossings that few people know about.  You can get across relatively quickly, especially during peak crossing times!  Not sure of operating times yet.
Futian:Another of the new crossings.  Easy to cross with no congestion!  Not sure of operating times yet.

There are many drivers who have access to drive in Guangdong and in Hong Kong.  My personal recommendation: Mr. Chao - Mobile: 13510419998  email:  He charges 1000 rmb from Shenzhen to Hong Kong Airport.  Prices are negotiable.

getting around town is easiest with the Metro (subway system) - (print this off and carry with you for easy reference):

NOTICE: I recommend buying the TransCard:  
instead of relying on buying tokens each time...the lines can be terribly long. Cards cost 100 RMB and can be bought at any service counter inside any Metro stop location. It's 40 RMB for the card, and you get 60 RMB credit. You can then refill the card when you run low at any refill machine (usually located next to the token machines). The card can be turned in (if, say, you're leaving China for good) and you'll get 40 RMB back. I've had my card for about 3 years now, and even after going home for 6 months, I've come back and still been able to use it. It can also be used on some public buses (equipped with the special readers).

taxi meters start at 12.5 yuan for the first 3 kilometers (16.10 yuan after midnight). Buses run EVERYWHERE and start at 2 yuan for most trips. Smaller buses (there are more of them and they go to more places...very easy to find them and they'll drop you off right at the door most times) start at 3 yuan. These were supposed to be phased out, but some are still operating..
There is also an International Airport (Bao'an District)and bus and train lines to just about anywhere in China.(Luohu station, Metro stop: Luohu, exit A). NOTE: Buses are located under the Shopping Center, while trains are located next door. Also be aware that this is where the border crossing for Hong Kong is as well, so there will be LOTS of people - watch your bags/wallets/etc.

Shenzhen is also known for theme parks: Happy Valley, Splendid China, Window of the World, Chinese Folk Culture Village, etc. Metro stop for Folk Culture Village: Qiao Cheng Dong. Metro stop for Window of the World: Shi Jie Zhi Chuang. Disneyland Hong Kong and Ocean Park (also in Hong Kong) is just across the border, as well.

One very cool place to wander and get lost with a loved one: Shenzhen Garden and Flower Exposition Center - A huge outdoor park...includes a pagoda and beautiful waterfall. Metro stop: Qiao Cheng Dong, exit A - about a 10 minute walk from the Metro. Tix are normally RMB50...for some reason I got a discounted ticket for only RMB20...not sure why.

Other points of interest: Safari Park, Shenzhen Horse Racing Club, Shiyan Lake Hot Spring Resort (info here: )
For other attractions, go here:

Just North of Luohu is Dafen Oil Painting Village.  This place is worth going to, especially if you're looking for some great prices on large scale paintings.  Most (but not all) are reproductions.  Take bus 106 from Luohu for 3 RMB.

Thanks to Icebear for some of the following info:

If you're into sports (and particularly skateboarding), then you'll want to head to Shekou and the Switch Plaza Skatepark ( ???????? ) at the Shekou Sport Center on Industry 7th Road. This place has something for everyone: basketball, volleyball, tennis, track, soccer/rugby pitch, roller skating, skateboard park (designed by "famous American skateboarder"), billiards, an exercise park (with all the great equipment to stretch out and limber up). 20 RMB to skate. Check out or email the owner directly at or the manager (Johnson Zhang) at Bus 69 from Shekou, bus stop Ti Yu Zhong Xin

Prices tend to be a little higher than in other parts of China (excluding Beijing and Shanghai), but most FT jobs pay more also...average salary for Shenzhen native is RMB4500...average for FT is now RMB8000.

Some bookstores:

Haitian Book Center 2/F Shentie Bldg., Heping Lu, Luohu
Shenzhen Book Center Zhonghe Bldg., Intersection of Shennan Zhong Lu and Shangbu Lu
Shenzhen Book City 5033 Shennan Dong Lu, Luohu
Shenzhen Book City (#2) Next to Hai Ya Dept. Store, Nanshan
Shenzhen Book City (#3) Hongli Lu (across from Lianhua Shan)

for information regarding night life and other party-scene stuff in Shenzhen, check out:

Shekou is the expat hangout...supposedly 15,000 foreigners live in Shenzhen, and most live here. There are several International Schools there, SIS and QSI, as well ISSC and others around Shenzhen, and anything and everything western that you might crave. Plus it's just a ferry hop to Hong Kong from there. Old town Shekou is just a short walk from "Seaworld" and gives vistors lots of shopping variety with decent prices. I've renamed this part of Shekou "Dongmen II," as there are the same variety of stores/shops and the same great prices! It's just not quite as big and is easier to navigate through. There are also some very good massage parlors and tailors here as well. On the western end of Shekou is the "Bar Street," which is actually a couple of streets and an alley. Night life here is not for the faint of heart, but does offer the foreign visitor a chance to check out the many varieties of 'chicken' available.

Buses to get to Sea World: 109, 22, 31, 79, K105, K204, 204, 217, 226, 230, 231, 232, 233, 329, 331, 332, 355 (as well as the 113 and 328 - Hai Yang Da Sha stop).

Casablanca (on the western end of Shekou) is a good restaurant that has been owned/operated by the same French woman for some years (and she's had the same chef for some time as well) - the food is good; the prices are high. Note: Our buddy Icebear notes that there's another Casablanca in Hua Qiang Bei. Haven't been there myself, but if Icy says there's a twin, it must be true.

Check out Lowenburg's microbrewery on the Ming Hua ship with expensive beer and not so expensive German food.

The bar "Beer Paradise" has 2-for-1 Tsingdao and Kingway during happy hour (4-8 nightly) for 10RMB. These are the small bottles, not the litre ones from the corner store.

McCawley's is another expensive but worth it place to go for food and beer. Their fries (chips) and nachos are 40RMB each, but a meal within themselves. Pints of Carlsburg, Tiger, and Guiness run 20RMB. They also run daily and nightly specials both on food and drinks.

The Red Lantern restaurant is a Chinese place with excellent food and great prices. If you go more than once, the prices have been known to change for no reason, but the food more than makes up for the few RMB they will try to sneak from you. I recommend the Sweet & Sour Pork, their famous flatbread, and Sugared Tomatoes to name a few.

For great Tex-Mex (as well as other flavors) food, try Amigos.  They offer Nachos, Tacos, Burritos, Enchiladas, and of course Margaritas to wash it all down with.  They're on the Sea World strip.  Phone: 755-2683-5449 website:

Outside of Shekou, a great Indian Restaurant is Spice Circle This restaurant is a cozy place for couples as well as a great place to gather with friends. The chefs are world class, and if you can't find what you want on the menu, they'll make it for you. They can also add more spice if that's what you're in to. Friday night's buffet is worth the 78 RMB. Tel: 2139-7117. Metro stop: Guo Mao, exit B - follow Jia Bin Road to the left, past Nanhu Lu, then left on Dongmen Nan Lu (Panglin Hotel is on the corner) to second building. Spice Circle is around back.

links for Shenzhen/Shekou to Hong Kong ferry:

Some updated info on a couple bus lines:

204: Some decent shopping at these stops - Xin An Gu Cheng, Nan Xin Lu Kou, Nan Shan Fa Yuan, and Nan Shan Yi Yuan. Does go past the Shekou WalMart/Decathlon Sports Megastore (see above).

K204: Much of the same route as the 204, but a tour bus rather than a city bus. This bus does the Shennan Road route, so you can get to Jusco, Book City, MixC Mall, Hua Qiang Bei. It ends in Luo Hu...but about 5 blocks from the Lo Wu Commercial City...if you take it to the end, be prepared to foot it from there. Cost from end-to-end is 8RMB

355: This bus from Shekou will take you to Shenzhen International Airport in Bao'an (about 1-1/2 to 2 hours) and is less than 10 kuai. Taxi for same trip is around 70 RMB and takes about 50 minutes.

113:  Shen Zhen Da Xue (Shenzhen University), She Kou Wo Er Ma (WalMart, B&Q, Decathlon Sports), Hai Ya Bai Huo (Children's World, Hai Ya Dept. Store, Book City), Hai Yang Da Sha (Shekou Seaworld), Shi Jie Zhi Chuang (Window of the World, Metro Stop, etc), Jin Xiu Zhong Hua (Folk Culture Village, Overseas Chinese Town (OCT)), Te Qu Bao She (Shenzhen Press Tower), Shang Hai Bin Guan (Hua Qiang Bei area & Rainbow Dept. Store)
Xiao Mei Sha Beach
How to get there:
Take Bus No. 103 from bus stops along Shennan Road.
Fare: From MixC (Corner of Shennan & Baoan Lu) to the beach is 8 RMB
Travel time: 45 to 60 minutes
Xiaomeisha Beach Entrance Fee: Rmb20
Public toilet - Free
Shower room - Rmb6 (cold water)/Rmb14 (hot water)
Private bath & toilet - Rmb50/30 minutes
Villas - Rmb300+/3 persons with own toilet & bath
Cottage - Rmb200+ (entitled to get food and drinks worth RMB100 from store)
Tent: Rmb100/person overnight until 9AM next day. Bigger tents
available for groups ranging from Rmb160 to Rmb200.
*If you bring your own tent, you still have to pay Rmb30.
Jetskiing - Rmb120/10 minutes (maximum 2 riders)
Flying fox - Rmb20 at the main gate/Rmb30 inside
Floats/Tubes Rental: As low as Rmb10/4 hours
Other Info for Da/Xiao Mei Sha:
You can also take the J1 Bus from Shekou to the beach. Cost is 18RMB one way.
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Re: Guide to Shenzhen/Shekou
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Thanks, GG. It is a very useful information!  agagagagag


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Re: Guide to Shenzhen/Shekou
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Excellent post, GG. Thanks!  bfbfbfbfbf
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Re: Guide to Shenzhen/Shekou
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Thanks, GG. It is a very useful information!  agagagagag

Indeed. Would you consider using it to improve this page?

Some Wikitravel stuff is pretty good, e.g. the main China article
and a few of the itineraries:

but lots of tthe rst needs help.
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wiki in china doesnt always work.


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The well-known Wikipedia almost NEVER works here without a proxy server...which really is too bad.
Other wikis have sprung up and seem to be OK...
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Re: Guide to Shenzhen/Shekou
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actually, I'm in the process of taking all of this *ahem* wonderful information and creating an 'Expat's Guide' to Shenzhen/Shekou.  If this happens I may have to start charging for viewing rights (maybe a cushion for my seat at my corner booth/table?)...

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