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Author Topic: Uni teaching job in CHANGZHOU JIANGSU  (Read 3593 times)

Raoul F. Duke

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Uni teaching job in CHANGZHOU JIANGSU
« on: February 28, 2008, 07:11:31 AM »
This is Eagle's school in Changzhou. He speaks very highly of it.
I think this is for the 2008-09 academic year; I'll try to get more info on available dates...

Contact person: Ms. Zhu Juanfen, Ms. Wang Yaqing
Tel:           0086-(0) 519-5210282
Fax:          0086-(0) 519-5210282
E-mail:        fao@oa.czu.cn,   wyq19810802@hotmail.com
Website:      www.czu.cn
Address:    No.3 Changcheng Road Changzhou, Jiangsu Province P.R.China 213002
3. Description of English teachers’ Position
General Requirements
From English-speaking Country
Academic Degree should be Bachelor or Master or Doctor
Have more than 2 years teaching experience
Age from 23-60
Offering Programs:
English Extensive Reading (Newspapers and Magazine), Oral English, English listening, English visual, English conversation, English Writing, Business English, English Letter for Foreign Trade, E-commerce, Western Culture.

Students’ Level
English Major Undergraduates, English Major Vocational Students, Non-English Major Students

Class Size:
Around 40 students

Teaching Period:
16 periods per week

 Monthly salary    RMB4000-4500
 Traveling allowance   
   RMB 1100  (half-a-year duration contract)
   RMB 2200  (one-year duration contract)
 Airfare reimbursement   
   a single trip air ticket  (half-a-year duration contract)
   a round trip air ticket  (one-year duration contract)
 Free gas, water
 and electricity   
Living Conditions:
 Free furnished self-contained apartment with all
 necessary facilities including air-conditioner, telephone,
 computer with internet, printer, microwave, water heater,
 fridge, shower, wash machine, and cooking facilities, and
 24-hour water, electricity and gas.

4. We welcome high qualified and experienced foreign teachers to teach at Changzhou Institute of Technology. Those who are interested in teaching at CIT please email your resume, passport, a recent picture, diploma and recommendation to Ms. Wang Yaqing (Sunny)at fao@oa.czu.cn or wyq19810802@hotmail.com
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