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Author Topic: Movie/film thread: resurrected  (Read 314494 times)

Calach Pfeffer

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Re: Movie/film thread: resurrected
« Reply #2175 on: August 13, 2017, 10:22:15 AM »
So Young (c. 2013)

Very accurate glimpse of college life in China. The campus, the classrooms, the classes, the dorms and the dorm drama.

And the afterlife of their college experience. Rings very true to my almost 19 years of experience teaching in various Chinese universities.

Not much to do with teaching English in China, but lots to do with the straum and derge (sp?) of Chinese college student life.

Spoilers, I guess, and this is a reaction post rather than a review but.... My goodness, this movie... it's excellent, of course, and I've just watched it. By the end it's so wildly messed up. I've not had so visceral a reaction in watching a movie that, yes, it's the real deal. They could have done it as a 90-minute university story or a 3-hour pre- and post-graduation story, and it would have been easier to bear, I think. As it is, it is complete though, so....

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So Young - Wang Faye
There is little in history to support the proposition that China was indeed the centre of the Asian universe commanding deference among less civilised states around its periphery...