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Author Topic: Primary School Quick Opening in SUZHOU (with BamBam and Confuciously Confused)  (Read 4850 times)

Raoul F. Duke

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Suzhou Experimental Primary School.  On the corner of Zhu Hui Lu and Ren Men Lu.  6,000 RMB a month.  Free apartment or 1500 RMB allowance.  Utilities not paid.  16 hours a week.  Teaching first grade.  Blocked schedule.  Mornings and Afternoons.  Tuesday through Saturday.  Good Boss.  Residence Permit and Foreign Experts Card.  Maplemuncher <now known as Confuciously Confused -R> and I both work there and will give you the straight dope. <Note: this should not be construed as an invitation to abuse drugs. -R>

If interested please PM or e-mail Raoul (spamjiaozi@yahoo.com) since both of these wankers are too cool to ever come on the forum any more. asasasasas
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I have applied for the above mentioned job today. I put up my resume with your reference( Raoul Saloon). Looking forward for the reply.The college where I am teaching now is unable to arrange 16 hours a week for me and I have been doing 10 hours. They asked me to look for a job for next year.
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