After China: still teaching Chinese?

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After China: still teaching Chinese?
« on: November 21, 2018, 02:33:38 PM »
On the one hand, a great rain of students from China falls upon the university-destination countries of the world, so much so that it's become a large industry. Anecdotally, that industry more or less fails the average Chinese student. It lets them stay isolated from the societies hosting them and it might even be lowering academic standards to keep the money flowing. Worse, even if these students are getting decently academic degrees at the end of their years-long sojourn abroad, upon return home they find disinterested employers. Those magnificent foreign degrees not only no longer guarantee employment, they seem like a positive hindrance given just how many China-trained graduates can do the jobs anyway. On the other hand, it's all their own fault for distorting the industry so significantly with their numbers.

Or, to sum up, what should teachers of Chinese students *outside* of China be doing?

Re: After China: still teaching Chinese?
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Something that's not readily available in China and is at the same time useful upon return to China...

That's either a very tall order or I'm misunderstanding why Chinese still do seek out foreign study.