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Author Topic: RIP Jin Yong  (Read 659 times)

Calach Pfeffer

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RIP Jin Yong
« on: November 01, 2018, 05:03:51 AM »
'China's Tolkien': millions mourn death of martial arts novelist Jin Yong

Fans across the Chinese-speaking world mourned the death of martial arts writer Louis Cha, better known by his pen name Jin Yong, who died on Tuesday afternoon.

Cha, 94, best known for his epic wuxia novels following kung fu heroes in ancient China, passed away in a hospital in Hong Kong after a long illness, according to Hong Kong media.

While few of his books have been translated into English, Cha is one of the world’s most-read Chinese authors, with fans across China, Hong Kong, Taiwan and throughout the Chinese diaspora. His stories have been adapted into television shows, films, comic books, and video games. The first part of his most popular series, Legends of the Condor Heroes, was published in English earlier this year...

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