How hard is education really?

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How hard is education really?
« on: August 12, 2018, 01:34:51 AM »
And why does it make such cripples of those who enter into it?

The system is rigged, man.

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The way things are going Calach, at least here in Brisbane, folks like you are really needed. I am flat out finding a non Asian person in the Casino. bibibibibi At this stage, English is the main language in this Country, but for how long? Oz reached a population of 23 million which was 33yrs ahead of the calculated time, because of the imports. They really need to learn so much to fit in. bjbjbjbjbj

Re: How hard is education really?
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Doesn't history show us though that nation states are most often run in fact by some "embattled" privileged class? Africa is full of examples. In the future, being white and English-speaking will be good. It'll mark us out as members of the ruling class. As it does already. But when you're surrounded by other white people speaking English, it isn't as obvious. Therefore, being overrun by Chinese is a good thing.


Re: How hard is education really?
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I am sorry that my Grandsons don't speak Mandarin. I wonder when/if it too will become mandatory at schools along with English.

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It'd become mandatory only if it became an official language, and that'd need a whole lot more infiltration of the government. So I suppose this is worth looking into a little more. Because normally I'd say all large waves of immigration do is change the living environment. The citizens get bent out of shape because the neighborhoods change, and maybe the places where people spend money change. But does the government? Does the formal structure of the country? Does the culture? We need some research data...


who do you see on the streets and out and about? Tourists, long term residents, dual citizens? What do these people have access to as far as you can tell? Are they basically walking cash machines for the Australian economy (or whatever economy the casinos belong to) or are they making other kinds of contribution to the society?

Re: How hard is education really?
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Calach, I'm still trying to work things out! bibibibibi What I hear, is so many folks speaking in a language that is not English. I also find that the majority speak at the top of their voices which really irritates me especially since I have very good hearing. The younger generation are growing up with these things, but it is harder for we "oldies" who are used to a certain way. bjbjbjbjbj