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Title: Is This Ad Dodgy?
Post by: Raoul F. Duke on July 21, 2007, 06:55:03 PM
Decurso contributed this one.

Here is one that flat out is preying on the most naive of prospective FT's.

Blahblah Language Center ( http://www.blahblah.com ) offers English native speaker long-term teaching opportunity from early September 2007, in Xi'an. Welcome to join our nice,warm and friendly team to teach oral English to Chinese students. You will experience Chinese culture, especially, in Xi'an, the famous cultral capital of China. And you will find the cost of living here is much lower that many other big cities.That's s also important for you to consider.
Different term (6 months,12 months) contracts starting early September are available.We prefer longer term couple teachers.
Please write to S at blahblahblah.com if you're are interested in our offer.We're waiting for your kind response.
We expect our teachers to be dynamic, enthusiastic individuals and provide active and enjoyable classes, as we believe that students learn best when they are inspired in the class. You'll enjoy the staying with hard working Chinese students and family like working team.
Blahblah Language Center offers children programs, teenage programs and general English programs.
If you are interested in joining BBLC family, please e-mail us a short cover letter and detailed resume containing your country of origin, contact information, qualifications, work experience by date (month/year), languages spoken (listed in chronological order 1st,2nd language etc.), a recent photograph, possible start date to blahblahblah.com.
You may also call S1 or S2 in Xi'an, Shaanxi, on (phone numbers) and ask any questions you might have.
Also, please visit our website http://www.blahblah.com to get further information.
Qualifications: (Teacher couples are highly desirable.)
Native-English speakers at least 21 years old (from Canada, US, UK, Australia or New Zealand); healthy, outgoing, having a passion for helping young students to learn and grow, and the ability to adapt to a different social and cultural environment.
Bachelor's Degree or a College Diploma,
TEFL or TESOL qualification.
EFL classroom experience highly desirable, but not essential.
Motivated, enthusiastic individual and open to new experiences.
Also,teachers with kingdergarten teaching experience will be highly desirable.
We offer our full time English teacher:
4,500 RMB-5,000RMB monthly salary(85-90 teaching hours) + 1,000 USD bonus upon completion of 12 month contract.(400 USD bonus upon completion of 6-month contract)
Overtime 100RMB per hour
Free Chinese Classes 3 hours a week
Free Internet access at school.
Apartment with private bedroom (if the teacher choose to be the only occupant of the apartment, he or she need to pay half the rent 400~500RMB)
Utility Allowance,Television, microwave, water dispenser, air-conditioner, refrigerator, etc.
2 days off each week, three weeks paid holiday (1 week May holiday, 1 week Chinese National Day holiday, 1 week Spring Festival.)
Medical & accident insurance for duration of employment are provided. but all extra costs such as airfare and private phone bill will be paid by the teacher himself/herself.
Working visa:
The school will provide and pay for the working visa, work permit, residence permit and health certificate.
The initial entry visa should be paid by the teacher himself/herself.

(Decurso's comments)
Wow. 5000 for 90 hours a month teaching wee ones. Oh right! the cost of living is much much lower than other bigger cities. Stupid me.

 No mention of whether overtime is optional.

 Shared apartments I run screaming from. Of course I can have my own apartment for 400-500 RMB. What a great deal.  bbbbbbbbbb

 It's odd that they are actively seeking couples and yet offering shared apartments.

 These guys don't strike me as evil so much as very, very cheap. They are looking for the philanthropists and do-gooders...and will probably get them.

 This job isn't so much dodgy as it is an example of what prospective teachers should stand up to and say "NO! I can do better." If every "China keener" did that these places would either go out of business or offer better.
Title: Re: Is This Job Dodgy?
Post by: Raoul F. Duke on July 21, 2007, 06:56:33 PM
I agree.
This job is certainly a monumentally bad deal and should indeed be shunned, but at least they're upfront about it. IMHO this isn't a dodgy ad.
Title: Re: Is This Ad Dodgy?
Post by: Wagner on September 22, 2014, 12:44:33 AM
Personally I think all "blind ads" that don't provide real job descriptions and school names are "dodgy".   I have also found that the best teaching jobs in China are never advertised.
Title: Re: Is This Ad Dodgy?
Post by: Stil on September 22, 2014, 08:27:26 AM

 I have also found that the best teaching jobs in China are never advertised.

That's true for the whole world.