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Title: Oh no! Not another ball of fur!
Post by: Escaped Lunatic on July 22, 2020, 08:02:26 PM
Having one cat was a good thing. akakakakak  Stripy Emperor does a good job supervising the household.

Having two cats was a good thing. akakakakak akakakakak  Poor Pandora would have died if we hadn't rescued her.  She's served very well as our backup cat supervisor.

Three cats wasn't supposed to happen, but my daughter's cat, Champagne, has been here since she came home from university before Spring Festival.  Until the university resumes in person classes, we're stuck with an extra cat.  Stripy Emperor and Champagne are both used to being the cat in charge.  For reasons unknown, they like to fight in the morning and evening.

The neighbor had an orange tabby cat.  Later, another orange cat with a tabby striped head, but solid body appeared.  The two are about the same size and get along well together.  I assumed they were brothers, but later learned the 2nd orange cat just showed up.  The pair of them are indoor/outdoor cats.  They are friendly and I pet them whenever I cross paths with them.

They figured out that meowing pitifully is all it took to get my wife and daughter to start setting out some food for them.  I saw one jump out the window (first floor) when my wife and I walked by so he could follow us home for more food.

The neighbor doesn't seem to do a lot of veterinary care, so we've been treating the two of them with anti-parasite meds, the kind put on the back of a cat's neck.  The thought is that if we can reduce the number of cats hosting parasites, all the cats in the neighborhood should be healthier.

Putting food out for cats had an easily anticipated result.  More cats.  Two more so far.  My wife and daughter added then to the anti-parasite treatment schedule (that stuff is expensive!  amamamamam).

The friendlier of the 2 newcomers is white with some orange patches.  I've only seen him a few times, but he's good at guessing when either my wife or daughter is about to enter or exit the house.

Now he has a name (Egg Tart - no, I wasn't consulted - my daughter likes egg tarts)  From what we can tell, he has no other owner, so wife and daughter decided we were adopting him (no, I wasn't consulted).  There's no way we're going to have 4 indoor cats, so he has been appointed as our official door guard.

Yes, an indoor cat will have a longer and likely happier life, but we already have too many feline disagreements inside.  Egg Tart will be taken care of as best possible while letting him guard the door and patrol the village.  Plans are being made to take him to the vet for vaccination, neutering, and anything else the vet thinks he needs.  If I only eat 2 meals per day during the week and skip all food on weekends, I may be able to afford to pay for all of this.

Title: Re: Oh no! Not another ball of fur!
Post by: AMonk on July 22, 2020, 11:42:38 PM
 agagagagag Cats are Good Luck, you know agagagagag
Title: Re: Oh no! Not another ball of fur!
Post by: Granny Mae on July 23, 2020, 08:56:42 PM
EL, at least you don't have to take them out walking every day. If you had ended up with dogs, you would have been a busy bee. ahahahahah
Title: Re: Oh no! Not another ball of fur!
Post by: Escaped Lunatic on July 23, 2020, 09:38:23 PM
Instead I'm shovelling in 3 littler boxes every evening - and cats LOVE clean litterboxes, so are just waiting to make me clean the same one several times.

At least the new one doesn't add to the litterbox problem.