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The Bar (ON-TOPIC) / Re: Tunisia Person Wants to Come Back To China; Any Way To Do So?
« Last post by Ivyman on October 27, 2021, 10:08:45 PM »
Thanks.  I will email you, so we can talk privately.

This is optimistic news.
Between the bottled water and the ubiquitous electric kettle, I'm quite certain dehydration won't be an issue even at the worst quarantine hotel.

In water crisis China? Bottled water will be rationed and boiling is good for pathogens, not heavy metals and complex chemical compounds.

It's not worth pretending that China has world class public facilities anywhere.

But then it's also not worth me hysterically overemphasizing failures. I think I'm claiming canary coal mine status though. Quarantine as an institution is hardly a bad thing, but aspects of it in China will prove more than usually offputting, is what I'm whining about this time.

But opinion and personal distaste are not fact.

What I'd actually like to know is how much it costs.

Also, what kind of accounting processes occur? In the unlikely event that a future employer will foot the bill for an incoming staff member's quarantine, it'll likely be as a reimbursement. So what kind of documentation does a fellow get at the end?
Between the bottled water and the ubiquitous electric kettle, I'm quite certain dehydration won't be an issue even at the worst quarantine hotel.

I'm also in a WeChat group for incoming expats.  So far, no complaints about lack of food or water.  Not unexpectedly, some people aren't all that fond of all the food choices.  Quarantine hotels do accept deliveries (not sure about the new quarantine facility - If I end up there, I'll find out for sure).  I admit that I am an excessively picky eater, so I'll be bringing along some snacks of my own.  37 Oreos is about 2000 calories.  ahahahahah

So far, all my tests in China (over half a dozen so far) have been in the back of the throat.  Not sure if the test in LA tomorrow will be throat or jamming up my nose.  Guess I'll also find out if quarantine tests are different from routine tests.
Food, water, digging around in the nose - that's what I want to know about.

You can't drink from the faucet so is enough bottled water supplied?
Quarantine already costs money so how plentiful and sustaining is the provided food?
CDC says insert the swab no more than 1.5 cm up the front hooter, so what kind of punishment are the techs in China hoping to dole out?

I found 14 days of hotel quarantine in Australia quite relaxing.
Blondie in China. Nice lady. State-sponsored influencer by the look. Did a very nice hotel quarantine in GZ on Youtube. And ordered out for her food. I found that worrying. 2 weeks in quarantine, 3 if coming in without property of your own somewhere, and your food and water is managed how?

One state-sponsored video where the foreigner feeds herself rather than have hotel food is no demonstration that quarantine in general has institutional problems. I just felt a tremor in the force, that's all.
Since quarantine applies to ALL entrants, Chinese and foreign.  I see no hint of shifting a burden in any particular direction.  I even saw some foreigners speculating that the shiny new facility might only be used for Chinese.

I'm hoping to be assigned to the GZ facility when I fly back.  Hotels were not originally designed with quarantine in mind.  At least one case in HK was spread from an infected person in one room to an uninfected person in the next room.  So far, every video and image I've seen pf it online looks nicer than the bulk of hotels I've stayed in (worldwide).

My personal hope is that improved vaccines and testing methods may be enough to reduce quarantine to 1 week.  Jet lag sucks and I'd rather get it over with alone.  A week is sufficient to let me get my internal clock reset and to rest after what are usually very hectic trips.  If it was only 1 week, I could get back to doing more international trips.

If/when China eventually does drop all inbound quarantine requirements, the facility will be mothballed, like the original "See how fast we can build it!" SARS hospitals were.  Those got reactivated when COVID showed up.  Sooner or later, some new airborne disease will happen.  Maybe in a few years.  Maybe in 20 years.  Whenever it happens, any mothballed hospital and quarantine facilities can be brought back online very quickly.
Tourism is not going to be easy.

The simplest thing would probably be as a student.  She needs to visit the website the Chinese Embassy in Tunisia.  Right now, all the rules are subject to adjustment and whatever is on the nearest embassy or consulate is what anyone wanting to go to China needs to do (I'm personally rechecking the Los Angeles Consulate website to make sure I didn't miss any details so I can get back to China later this week).
Apparently purpose-built facilities exist in Guangzhou now...

What worries me about this arrangement is what it looks like, an attempt to shift the burden of inadequate infrastructure from all of China onto incoming foreigners. Rather than have a health management system that can service the population, have a wall to keep the mongols out.

I assume covid zero will end as suddenly as the one child policy did, but, similar to the effect of that policy, not before suppressing foreign intake enough that damage is done to the system. we might be looking at a change in work in China as we know it.
The Bar (ON-TOPIC) / Tunisia Person Wants to Come Back To China; Any Way To Do So?
« Last post by Ivyman on October 21, 2021, 06:12:04 PM »
Hello Everyone,

1.  A few years ago, I was romantically serious with a college-age woman from Tunisia (North Africa).

2.  About three years ago, a boss of mine at North China University of Technology (北方工业大学) got her into an English speaking program.  I paid for her tuition, student visa, living costs, etc.

3.  When COVID hit, her family convinced her to come back to Tunisia.  That was a bad move, as she was stuck at home and bored out of her mind.

4.  She is finishing up her bachelor's at NCUT, maybe first in her cohort.  She is doing the studying from Africa, done online.

5.  She wants to come back to China, either as a student or worker.

6.  Can any explain clearly what her options are:

a.  If she gets into an English speaking masters or MBA program, such as Renmin, can she have a way to come back?

b.  Even though she is from a non-native country, any way to get a job offer and come over, on a PU letter?

c.  Can she come on a different way, such as being a tourist or seeing family?

7.  Anything else I should think about?  Or, should I realize she cannot come back to China, no matter what, for years and years?

The Love, Marriage and Family Board (ON-TOPIC) / Raising Children USA vs China
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