What This Place Is About!

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What This Place Is About!
« on: October 12, 2008, 11:26:11 PM »
Raoul's China Saloon was conceived for, and still tries to operate within, certain reasons and principles. These are:

- To provide the best source for reliable information, completely uninfluenced by any commercial or personal-gain considerations, to all those expats working and living in China, or considering doing so.

- To provide a community for expats living in China, and their friends- especially those living in remote, isolated cities with few folks to talk to.

- To be the one site of its kind with NO commercial activity. No one on the Saloon is going to try and sell you anything, recruit you, enroll you in a TEFL Certificate course, or in any other way attempt to separate you from your money. This site and our opinions are simply not for sale...quite unlike the other major EFL and expat sites.

- To be the one site of its kind where members are sorta required to be civil to each other, and treat each other with respect. As far as possible, anyway. uuuuuuuuuu Trolling, undue aggressiveness to other posters, rampant egomania (other, of course, than mine bfbfbfbfbf ) and other such assholetry are not well-tolerated here.

- To promote ethical behavior in the Chinese EFL industry, for ALL direct participants- teachers, schools, and students. We want our members to behave in a fair manner toward their schools every bit as much as we want the employers to be fair to us...and we want BOTH sides to do right by the students. (Recruiters, of course, are not direct participants in our industry, and have no ethics whatsoever. We don't want them here.)

These things are where we are at here. We may not always make it, but at least we try. agagagagag

If you have questions or comments, the buck stops with Raoul at yochinaraoul@yahoo.com
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