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Visas are being issued, but changes may not happen in all countries on the same day.  The situation is changing rapidly, so the ONLY place to get the currently applicable information is the embassy/consulate of the country the potential student/teacher is from.

Plane tickets directly into China are expensive, but for those willing to pull some extra time in quarantine, flying to Hong Kong may save a pile of cash.  With any luck, there may be a way to combine HK entry quarantine with HK to Mainland entry pre-quarantine.  Pre-quarantine was just announced last week, so the full details will likely take a little longer to be finalized.

If you have the right visa and get in, of course you can work or take classes as normal.  Student and work visas aren't issued because embassy personnel are bored.  Just make 100% sure to bring any documents that will be required to be shown after entering the country to finalize the paperwork.  Depending on visa type, this may be taken care of before the visa is issued or you might need some items to show the school or labor bureau.  Check the with embassy/consulate first, then the employer or the school.
The Bar (ON-TOPIC) / What Are These New Government Rules for "China Only" Curriculum?
« Last post by Ivyman on September 05, 2022, 05:26:35 PM »
Hi Everyone,

I know there are government mandated rules in Beijing, etc. But, I have no clue about what it means.

1. Does it mean that there are no more foreign textbooks? These books need to be printed in China, even if the author is from over-seas?

2. What does it mean for our curriculum, day-to-day teaching, etc.?
The Bar (ON-TOPIC) / Re: Can People from Outside China Come Now, as Teachers or Students?
« Last post by Ivyman on September 05, 2022, 05:10:32 PM »
Hi Guys,

So, what is the visa situation now? I write this as of September 1st, 2022.

1. It seems like it is possible for people to come in:

- They need an employer that wants them badly enough to sponsor a visa
- Or, they need a school where they have paid the full fees, deposit, living means of proof, etc.

2. Even with the invitation that will result in visa, then resident permit, it is darn expensive.

It looks like up to about 10,000 USD for plane tickets.

And, someone needs to stay in a hotel room (for 7 days?)

3. Then, after these Herculean expenses are paid, they are back in China, and can work as normal?

Coming in via HK is about to get easier.

The policy up until now has been:  Fly into HK.  Quarantine.  Then fly to China and quarantine again or else start entering the daily lottery for crossing over to Shenzhen and then quarantine again.

Now HK is preparing to offer "Pre-Quarantine" for those going to China.  Details are still being worked out, but I expect it won't be long before someone could fly in and have their inbound quarantine count as pre-quarantine.  This would let someone get by with a single quarantine.

If I can get a booster jab first, I might actually be tempted to fly somewhere in the next 6 months.
No, I was giving info about people to watch out for.

I cannot mention names here, but the worst two people were an incredibly fat couple that ended up ruining each others' lives. One has recently had heart failure and returning to the US.

The other is somewhere in Shanghai, still making life miserable.
Check the news and contact your local embassy or consulate.  More visa types are being issued in more places.  It looks like student visas are in the mix.
The Champagne Cabana / Re: Enter the Squeaker
« Last post by Escaped Lunatic on August 12, 2022, 05:14:08 PM »
All 3 sometimes come sleep in the bed with us, but Pandora is there almost every night.  Sometimes Bronze Cat and/or Stripy want to be in the bedroom and sometimes they want to run around the rest of the house.  Once it's cool enough to turn off the AC, we'll be able to leave the bedroom door open.  It has a gate to keep daughter's dog out and her cat sleeps in one of the palaces so we don't get midnight cat fights.
Let me think.  Try to promote good ideals vs. spreading hate and beating the drums of war.  The ideals I was taught in America don't jive with American actions, historical or recent.

If you don't understand the power of corporate profits and wars, you should study what the US was up to in Central America between the wars.  If you don't understand the power of the US military manufacturers, you should look up Eisenhower's speech about the Military Industrial Complex and also check to see which corporations regularly make massive campaign donations to hawkish candidates.

Have you even been following weapons shipments to the Ukraine.  First the US got it's Eastern EU allies to send all their old Soviet gear.  Then they got their allies across Europe to send all other old gear.  How's NATO supposed to do whatever it is NATO does unless it replaces all that old gear.

Now they've worked their way up to newer items and are sending those just fast enough so that Russia can advance in some areas and be pushed back in others.  Both sides retain hope of victory, keep fighting, and keep expending ammo and weapons.

Kindly tell me why the mighty and powerful Oz USA and NATO would do it this way instead of sending stuff as fast as they can train the Ukrainians how to use it (and why not send LOTS more things they do not to use continuously)?  How does "Drain Russia as try as possible so that it can't possibly regain economic or military power any time soon AND drain NATO of as many items as possible so the US defense manufacturers will have a great time "helping" them restock over the next few years" strike you?  The US is ready to fight Russia with every drop of Ukranian blood and reap financial benefits (including sending natural gas to Europe at special extra high war rates) in the process.

But, the Ukraine might decide to offer the Donbas region up to save a lot of lives and the US would have a hard time preventing this, so it's time to provoke China and beat the drums of war in SE Asia.  "Hey Japan, Australia, and S. Korea!  See if you can also provoke China.  We've got your back, and we'll give you a few percent off on some overpriced weapons to show you how important you are.  Just ignore us trading more and more with China while we try to convince you that China will eat you unless you kneel before the US flag."

Before the "All things of China are evil" campaign was embraced, America was perfectly OK dealing with China despite various disagreements.  America still deals with China while trying to convince other countries not to (even selling coal to make up for China not buying Australian coal).

The optimal US play is to push one or more nearby countries into a "small" war with China, throw up a few sanctions, and sell a lot of weapons (but not so many to result in a quick resolution) while bragging about how helpful the US is being.

Unfortunately, the more likely scenario is the US getting drawn in and then what would have been a "good for TV ratings war" turns into a serious conflict massive casualties and a large chance of going nuclear.  Maybe you think that's fun, but non-psychopaths disapprove of blowing up cities.

The world would be safer if the US took a vacation from Asia.

the polarisation that goes together with this "debate" is too warlike. if I were to be idealistic, I'd say alienating talk is a sign of talk refused. If "discussion" leads to "sides", someone knows about the middle way and doesn't want it. War is too expensive really to imagine that the profit of warmongers is enough to make it happen. So however complex international relations are, if people can't get it together to get together, then after a while, just fuck it. let's do a war. Finding deep states or nefarious multinationals behind conflict is fine. Why not have someone profit from the mess. But, idealistically, it's people who can unfuck this situation, and its people who don't, so let's just do what the people want. It'll be fine. It's too much work to keep saying the west has to be contrite or the west has to keep China from losing her shit and blowing up an island. Fuck them. Let em do it. Shoot back for a bit. Don't listen to the negative nancies. War isn't that bad, not really. Because, seriously, do you really have anything better to be doing? Enough with the shooting holes in water.
The Champagne Cabana / Re: Enter the Squeaker
« Last post by AMonk on August 11, 2022, 01:11:05 AM »

YES  agagagagag akakakakak agagagagag

It's BOTH  bfbfbfbfbf
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